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Daily Archives: September 4th, 2018

The real truth of Congress and the current mis administration have been clearly shown with the death of John McCain. The hypocrisy of the Senate leaders who have deceived us for years was apparent in their hollow words. Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell are both self serving leaders who have set us on a path of more unemployment, more uninsured and the subsequent economic downturn due to the support of a known unhinged leader. They have decided that the well-being of the country is less important than their own legacies (which will certainly be tainted by association with the current administration and their support of it). The  tacit approval of this administration with their silence and behind the scenes activities is a powerful incentive to vote them out. These folks have essentially usurped the power of the people with their suspect actions and silence on laws they were sworn to uphold. The intent and meaning of the Constitution has been trampled upon by years of “politricks” on both sides. Not since the outright theft of votes by exclusion by gender, ethnicity and color in past and near past voting cycles have we had such flagrant disregard for American’s freedom to vote and elect (hopefully competent and honest) representatives. Looking at our Congress who have made their own service a sea of comfort in pay, retirement and healthcare while decrying the passage of  laws that enhance the well-being of the American people whose will they so readily invoke without our implicit consent. It appears to me that our Government representatives have taken the position that “when I want your opinion , I’ll  give it to you”!

Considering what at stake isn’t it time we as voters ignore the hype and understand that our Government and freedoms are being usurped by self serving factions who unduly influence the folks we elect to serve us. There should never be a right, left, conservative or liberal influence in elections,  just factual information on the candidate as it pertains to the job. A persons politics should never be an influence on their work but alas we have that influence  big time due the obscene amount of money in politics. Which indicates that any and all office aspirants and holders are bought and paid for but not by the voting public. The solution we have as voters is to ignore the hype and ferret out the facts on each candidate up to and including the Supreme  court nominees and make our voices heard. The line is drawn with us- Here and Now!


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