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The past 24 months have been less than stellar for TOTUS. His failures began when he won the Presidency. At that time while riding a wave of approval for his talk show method of governing (seeking approval by using “buzz words” instead of meaningful statements). His Tweets have become legendary in his own mind. The downhill slide of his executive orders, the much touted “Tax Reform” and attempts at repealing the ACA to name a few all will appear on his list accomplishments(?). The current and ongoing trade wars, the humanitarian crisis created by him at the Southern border as a cover for and distraction from his other failures will all be remembered by all in the next election cycle. It is small wonder that his business successes have been fewer than touted.He easily tosses out huge dollar numbers about some project with no details on how the funds are spent and takes exception when questioned about details. It has been said that he is a counter puncher when attacked. There would be no attack if there were some reasonable proposals issued  with some explanations of how they would work instead we get hyperbole and outright lies. Currently most if not all of the events occurring here at home and abroad are of his making and manufacture as this is his “style”. His aim is adoration at any price. He has total ownership of these manufactured crises  and history will show it.


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