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All of the rhetoric before and after the 2016 election is more than an indication of the “failing Trump Administration”. We have as I see it a leader with questionable abilities, morals and long range thinking. Guided by agenda specific advisors and bolstered by approval seekers who regularly appear on talk shows to promote the dubious claims of progress of the administration, this “mis Administration” has set us on a path of separation by gender, race and politics. This being the melting pot of the world and a beacon of hope (once) is looking more like a separatist country under the lack luster leadership of a self serving leader abetted by a worse Congress lead by 2 of the worst leaders we have had in many years. This country is now led by multi billionaires who want the world to work the way that benefits them and has bought and paid for many members of Congress to get there. These partisan members have conveniently forgotten that their job is to SERVE the people and not serve them up as fodder. We as voters need to first stop following anyone party and look carefully at the people we elected. Several states have laws that do not allow a voter to vote outside declared parties thereby making us captive voters rather than free ones. We need to fight these laws and the lawmakers every step of the way if we are gain control of the government as it should be. It must be remembered that ALL elected officials serve at the behest of the voters- us.


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