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The ongoing somehow mystical actions of this administration have lulled some of us into a complacency that makes us a threat to our selves. The current administration under the smoke of ongoing tweets has been undoing  Federal lands protections, immigration reforms and a multitude of activities that will hurt us for years to come. While this is all happening the top superlative monger continues to insist that his election caused a “huge” increase in jobs and uptick in the economy. Unfortunately 90 to 95% of what comes out the administration is outright and thinly veiled lies and deception. If this were a criminal case the participants would be charge with deceptive practices as would any “con” artists or flim flammers. The willingness of too many voters to participate in the deception is troubling in that they (the believers) will be affected by these dubious to criminal actions. I believe if we want entertainment , there’s always movies and TV but there should be none in the Government that has an effect on all parts of our lives. This administration has more entertainment value as a side show than an actual Governing agency.


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