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Think of a Piñata decorated in yellow and orange but empty inside, therein lies a brief description of TOTUS. The weight of this ill-fated administration is beginning to bear down on the White House with the conviction of Mr. Manafort and his decision to aid in the Mueller investigation there is potentially more fallout possibly involving the “VEEP”, the Reverend Mr. Pence since Mr. Manafort was a factor in Mr. Pence being  selected for the V.P. slot. In retrospect this Race baiting behavior is not new and quite possibly was a factor in DJT’s life from his Grandfather and fathers time as they were immigrants. All that was necessary for this bizarre behavior and his eventual election was a catalyst like Steve Bannon whose own heritage was possible much like many other Americans whose ancestry is based in Europe and other countries. The only people who I believe have a right to tell anyone to “go back where you came from” are the Native Americans who have been robbed and ill treated for most of the time this nation has existed. This current administration has caused a rift in the American psyche that will take some time to heal but possibly not without a big legal outcome such as Watergate (or “Muellergate”) and a possible resignation but do not hold out for TOTUS to do anything rational as an egocentric cannot see beyond his own mirror image.


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