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Draining the swamp really means TOTUS wants his own nefarious group of deplorables so that his prior and possibly continuing Illicit activities will be hidden or ignored. Meanwhile the current swamp dwellers aka Congress  are seeking to stick us (the oft cited American people) with THEIR choice of a high court justice rather than a justice who is capable of judging in an impartial manner using current and established law and/or precedent rather than their own opinion. It seems that on paper Judge K is wonderful but it seems that his past is as dark as TOTUS’. Each Justice on the high court needs to be above politics but we have been unable to get that formula right. It is indeed a difficult job being on the High court but many have managed to do the work especially when it affects the legal rights of the American public. This candidate is a political pawn who could upend the progress made on so many fronts. Congress is looking to cement a Conservative court rather than a court for us all. DJT just wants his name stamped on something high profile because that is what he is about. It is our duty to deny this candidate a seat at the big table since we currently have a misogynist already seated. We have enough swamp dwellers in this administration  and that includes the Congress.


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