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Do we want another High Court Judge with a “taint”? We have the Hon. Justice Thomas and the President of the United States both of whom have a “taint” of sexual impropriety and it is possible that we have others in the administration who have not been revealed (yet). The “boys will be boys” and “locker room talk” are excuses for bad behavior and SHOULD have no place in a conversation about qualifications for an office, especially a position of this importance. This appointment is equal to hiring a thief as a teller and certainly have our share of thieves in Government from the top down. TOTUS has not been up front in revealing his tax returns not because of an audit but more likely as to the shadiness contained in those returns, question should be what do you (TOTUS) have to lose? Unfortunately our recourse is not impeachment but denying him a second term. Impeachment will give us Mike Pence which will not be an upgrade. The other actions we need to take is changing Congress as they have shown for years that they DO NOT HAVE OUR BACKS as they state with regularity. Their focus is staying in office and doing the work of their big money donors. It is unfortunate that too many voters did not vote in last election and those that did voted on the wrong issues. Voting is the only voice we have and we should not give it lightly or uninformed.


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