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Godwin’s Law
A term that originated on Usenet, Godwin’s Law states that as an online argument grows longer and more heated, it becomes increasingly likely that somebody will bring up Adolf Hitler or the Nazis. When such an event occurs, the person guilty of invoking Godwin’s Law has effectively forfeited the argument.

There have been times when I compared TOTUS’s actions and words to Adolph and have had pushback in form of “Godwin’s Law” as shown above. The so called law means nothing as the purpose is used to end an argument or conversation using Hitler as a comparison. This being said I have decided to affix another “nick name” to TOTUS . I will refer to him as :Mitler: which means mini Hitler. To move on, our CIC is no more than a showboating bully who is so far out of his depth as be drowning in air. His method of governing is linked to his business operations where whatever he says goes no matter the consequences however in government there are no less than 10 or more people that should and often need to be involved in most if not all decisions from toilet paper to what’s for dinner. What we have is definitely “a failure to communicate”. This administration is deep in manure with the Congress and the White House staff  piling more on daily. Meanwhile “Mitler” is oblivious as long as he is praised and is allowed to tweet. The common thread is to bully, lie, deny and repeat while Congress sits on their thumbs.


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